bakes for sharing gathering & celebrating


Her hands make that which fills her heart

And so it was whimsy, earnest, flavor forward bakes for you and anyone who's wondering or wandering - There's a seat for you here.


Our heart for this business comes from a desire to create something new in the place that we call home. To contribute something to our city, to foster an environment  that builds community, even if it's just by way of a baked good or a cup of coffee.

In our travels we've learned that people are progressive, not places. Traveling became more field study, and now, baking has become an homage to the places and experiences that grew us, to the lessons and things we've learned to love, to the memories of people who took time to teach us to bake and cook, those people who continuously showed us that hard work and passion are what dreams are made of. 


our product

We are dedicated to the things that make life sweet. We use simple ingredients, that when combined, create something worth sharing. 

Our ingredients set us apart- seasonal, unbleached, unprocessed, fresh, and delicious. Our brand is a statement. Whether the day be mundane or monumental, allow Flourpress to transform your gathering into something you'll never forget. 



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